Lampu Beam Moving Head Prism 15 Warna 470W

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Voltage: AC110-240V, 50 / 60Hz;
Power: 470W;
Channel mode: 24/20
Light source: YODN 350;
Product Size: 409x592x350mm
Net weight: 18.3Kg
Display: 2.8-inch touch screen, can be reversed 180
Color plate: 14 color + white light;
Fixed pattern plate: 14 patterns + white light;
Prism: out of 11 prisms
Consists of two rotating prism plate; prism plate
1: a 16 prism, a straight line 6 prism, a atomization;
Prism plate 2: 1 32 prism, 1 straight line 6 prism,
1 double prism
(6 prism +12 prism) Light angle: 4 ° or 6 °;
Dimming: 0-100% mechanical dimming, support for
mechanical strobe and Adjustable speed strobe
effect, support strobe macro function, lens group
optical system The use of photoelectric reset system,
when the malfunction occurs, can be
automatically Retrieve reset
Positioning technology: the use of magnetic
positioning system using magnetic devices instead
traditional Hall positioning system, higher precision,
reliable performance.
Level: 540 °, resolution 8 / 16Bit;
Vertical: 270 °, resolution 8 / 16Bit;
IP protection class: IP20;