Lampu Beam Moving Head 17R Waterproof 350W

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technical parameter
Light source system: 17R 350W high brightness bulb
Light source life: 2000 hours
Color system: high temperature resistant imported color plates, 14 colors + white light, half color, changeable rainbow effect pattern system: 17 fixed patterns + white light.
Focusing system: double step motor, electronic focusing
Atomization system: high temperature resistant nebulizer can make this lamp have dyeing effect.
Point bubble function: the remote DMX controller controls the point bubble and the bubble, and also shows the linear dimming curve of the board setting up the bright bubble function: 0%-100% linear light dimmer column: it can be small.
Prism system: 16 prisms, rotatable, macro function, can produce 16 beams.
Display: LCD liquid crystal display level / vertical: horizontal, vertical use custom three-phase motor, horizontal can do 540 degrees rotation, vertical can do 210 degrees rotation, fast and stable speed, lamps set intelligent photoelectric reset correction system, accidental misoperation, can automatically return to the original position.
Heat dissipation system: use CFD software to analyze and calculate the heat flow of lamps and lanterns, design low noise heat dissipation system, lamp head part, use 1 imported thick eddy current fans, direct light bulb heat dissipation, use 1 imported 8*8 DC fans, heat dissipating light bulb system, whole lamp head with 1 imported 12*12 DC fans, circulating lamps and lanterns scattered inside. Heat. The temperature is tested at 40 degrees completely (the light bulb temperature is less than 380 degrees, the actual temperature is less than 300 degrees). The base adopts 2 6*6 imported DC fans to direct the power supply and the light bulb lamp. The power module design uses the well-known brand power supply and the imported matching lighting device. The whole power supply system of the lamp is more stable and the function runs more smoothly.
Channel DMX:16 channel and 20 channel, the channel mode can be set on the display panel, and the factory standard set 16 channels.
Built in program: built in multiple effects program, can achieve a single beam of white left and right slow swing, to achieve odd variable color left and right slow swing and a lot of color change slowly.
Waterproof grade: IP55
Size: 650 x 590 x 920mm (length * width * height, lamp holder vertical upward carton)
Net weight: 35kg

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