Mixer Lighting DMX512 King Kong Baton 1600

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Spesifikasi Mixer Lighting DMX512 King Kong Baton 1600

  • 4 USB interfaces for convenient simultaneous multi-data input and output
  • Each audio input and output port is more convenient to operate
  • With 800 lamp keys, up to 800 lamps can be connected
  • Up to 200 lamps can be stored
  • The material is divided into nine categories, each of which can store 200 pieces of material. A total of 1800 materials can be stored
  • 600 scenes can be stored, including multi-step scenes with unlimited steps
  • 30 scenes can be run simultaneously. The scene window can run 20 at the same time, and the putter can run 10 at the same time.
  • Built-in 43 commonly used fixed graphics and 31 kinds of curve effects, which can modify the graphics and curve effects through parameters.
  • With 6 fan modes, you can modify the fan shape through the skill dialog
  • Can store 200 programs
  • Special dialog box for quick color recall via color palette, color fader or color preset

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