Mixer Lighting Controller DMX512 King Kong 768

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DMX512/1990 standard, maximum 768 DMX control channels, two optically isolated signal outputs.Maximum control of 32 scanners or 32 channels of dimming.Automatically generate light libraryBacklit LCD display, the first Chinese and English display switchable interface. Panels are available in English and Chinese.Built-in graphic trace generator, with 135 built-in graphics, to facilitate
the user to control the scanner traces, such as circle, spiral, rainbow, chase and other effects.Graphic parameters (such as: amplitude, speed, interval, wave,
direction) can be set independently, making it easier and faster to make the desired shape and scene.Each scene can save 5 graphics; at the same time, it can run 10 graphics.Can store 60 replay scenes for storing multi-step scenes
and single-step scenes.Each multi-step scene can store up to 600 single steps.Can output and run 12 replay scenes at the same time.With centralized control putter. Keypoint control is compatible with fader set control.Data such as power off or sudden power off can be memorized and maintained.The U disk can backup the console data and support the re-import to the console. The controller data of the same model can be shared. Supports remote software upgrades,
adding new features anytime, anywhere.The preset fader can control
the properties of the computer light, and the property control is more
convenient and quicker.Supports immediate black court,

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