Mixer Lighting Controller DMX512 King Kong 256A

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  • DMX 512/1990, up to 256 Dmx channels, output with optical isolated
  • Up to 12 intelligent fixtures with 16 channels can be controller.
  • t is featured with built-in shape effects of pan/tilt circle, RGB rainbow and varieties of chases, etc.;
  • 16 chases and 10 built-in shapes can be output simultaneously
  • 48 playbacks can be store as chase, scene and Cue list. Up to 100 steps can be store in chase.
  • 32 macros as shortcuts to run playback combinations.
  • LCD display with backlight.

Spesifikasi Mixer Lighting Controller DMX512 King Kong 256A

DMX512 channel number 256
Fixture 12
Channel slope modification Yes
Channels for each fixture 32
Playback 80
Playback to run simultaneously 16
Total Chase steps 100
Time control of Scenes HTP, LTP
Shapes for each Scene 2
Scene and dimmer by slider Yes
Flash Scene Yes
Shape generator Shapes of Dimmer, Pan/Tilt, RGB,

and Color

Shapes to run simultaneously 10
Real time blackout Yes
X/Y value by wheel Yes
Chase speed by wheel Yes
Dimmer by slider Yes
USB Memory FAT32 supported

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