Mixer Lighting Contoller DMX512 Console 240

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Spesifikasi Mixer Lighting Contoller DMX512 Console 240

  • Voltage / frequency: 220-240V 50 / 60Hz
  • There are 12 Scanners, each Scanner contains 16 channels, divided into A and B pages
  • Programmable 30 banks, each Bank contains 8 Scene
  • Programmable 6-phase Chase, each Chase can be programmed 240 steps (30 BankScene)
  • With manual, voice and automatic three action modes
  • In the automatic operation mode, FADE can be selected all with FAD or X / Y with FADE, both with SPEED
  • adjustment
  • Each Scanners can be set in the Reverse (Counter and Assign (digital wheel)

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